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Adalo, a no-code app builder, recognized the need to enhance its online presence to better engage with its changing audience through a brand refresh. As the Web & Visual Designer, I participated a comprehensive refresh of the company's branding and website, focusing on design improvements, content organization, and brand consistency.
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One of the primary focuses was updating our branding to reflect a cohesive identity across our website and product. This involved refreshing our color palette to incorporate 'dark mode' sections, leaning into the tech startup roots. Additionally, beige was introduced as a base color to infuse warmth and elegance into our visual language, harmonizing with our brand's ethos.

Illustration Style and Imagery

To enhance visual storytelling and create a more immersive user experience, The design team and I revamped our illustration style and imagery. We transitioned towards a modern and minimalistic illustration approach without entirely abandoning the direction of previous illustrations. High-quality photographic imagery was curated and coupled with graphic elements to complement our content, conveying our product's value proposition effectively. There was also a focus on introducing more graphics showcasing the product and it's features to give users a more comprehensive look at functionality.

Website Redesign

A significant aspect of the project was the complete redesign of key pages on the website. This included revamping the Homepage to deliver a captivating introduction to the company and offerings. The Pricing page underwent a transformation to update pricing structures and highlight value-added features. The Hire an Expert Page was designed and build in order to give an overview of benefits and success stories of the Adalo Experts programAdditionally, Expert page was revamped to facilitate seamless navigation and showcase the changes to the Experts system and CMS collection effectively.

New Webpages

To cater to diverse user personas and product use cases, We conceptualized and designed Persona pages tailored specifically for business owners, freelancers/agencies, and startups. These pages provided targeted insights and solutions, addressing the unique needs of each audience segment with an appropriate design to complement. Dedicated product feature pages were developed to showcase the functionalities and benefits of our offerings in a clear and concise manner.

Custom Code and Integrations

To enhance user experience and functionality, custom code and integrations were implemented. Notably, filters were integrated into the Hire an Expert page, allowing users to refine search results based on specific criteria such as expertise and availability. This customization ensured a more tailored experience for users, improving usability and satisfaction.

Class Naming Structures

To optimize website organization and maintenance, a new class naming structure was introduced. This structured approach facilitated easier identification and modification of website elements, streamlining backend operations. By implementing consistent class naming conventions, we achieved greater efficiency in managing and updating our website, ensuring a seamless user experience.

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Through the concerted efforts to revamp the Adalo website, we achieved significant improvements in user engagement, website navigation, and brand perception. The redesigned website reflected the company's new brand identity cohesively, offering visitors a seamless and visually appealing experience. The introduction of a new class naming structure has streamlined the maintenance process, enabling swift updates and enhancements.

Overall, the revamped website has positively impacted Adalo's online presence, fostering greater user satisfaction and brand recognition within the target audiences.

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