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Hi, my name is Horace Boston III. I'm a freelance UI/UX designer and Webflow developer. I also love to draw, paint, and geek out on the latest tech and design news.


Webflow Development

Visual & UI Design

SEO Optimization


UX Design

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Why I'm Starting this Blog

Why I'm Starting this Blog

I've never been the type to share a lot of myself online. Aside from the occasional art post on Instagram, I'm pretty much a ghost on all social media.I've since read Austin Kleon's "Show Your Work!" and Ali Abdaal's related videos on documenting you progress and have changed my ind on the matter. This is what I should be doing on my journey to full-time freelance web design. My struggles and experience could help someone else out there who's also thinking about going down this path. Writing things down would also help me work through my own struggles and give voice to my thoughts.