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I converted a Figma website design into a fully functional website using Webflow, implementing Finsweet's Client-First class naming structure. Upon completing this build, I was officially a Client-First Certified Webflow Developer
Webflow Development
Webflow Developer


I began by meticulously analyzing the Figma design to understand its layout, components, and interactions. Then, I translated the design into Webflow,  structuring each element according to Finsweet's Client-First class naming conventions. This involved creating reusable components, setting up dynamic content, creating smooth interactions, and optimizing for responsiveness across various devices.

Throughout the process, I maintained clear communication with the head of the certification program, providing updates and seeking feedback to ensure the vision was accurately realized. I also leveraged Finsweet's resources and community for guidance and support, ensuring adherence to best practices and efficient problem-solving.

As I progressed, I continuously tested the website's functionality and responsiveness, making necessary adjustments to ensure a seamless user experience. Additionally, I implemented SEO best practices and ensured the website's performance met industry standards.

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The result of this project was a visually stunning and highly functional Webflow cloneable template that closely mirrored the original design. By utilizing Finsweet's Client-First class naming structure within Webflow, I was able to deliver a well organized and structured website that not only met but exceeded expectations. The website garnered positive feedback from both the head of the certification program and other participants, effectively showcasing my skills with the Client-First class structure while insuring an responsiveness across devices.

This project not only enhanced my Webflow development skills but also solidified my understanding of Finsweet's Client-First methodology, positioning me as a proficient Webflow developer capable of delivering exceptional results as a certified Client-First Developer.

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