FairwayiQ Redesign

FairwayiQ, a golf software company, sought a website redesign and transition from Wordpress to Webflow for a simpler CMS environment and more modern aesthetic. I led a redesign process to enhance user experience and streamline site maintenance.
UI/UX Design
Webflow Development
Web Designer


  1. Discovery Phase: Conducted an in-depth analysis of FairwayiQ's existing website, identifying pain points, user experience issues, and technical limitations associated with WordPress. I recommended Webflow as an alternative platform due to its intuitive CMS interface, robust design capabilities, and simplified maintenance in comparison to WordPress.
  2. Design Iteration: Collaborated with the founder to develop a more modern and visually appealing website design, focusing on user experience optimization and brand consistency. We went through wireframes and full design mockups until we landed on a winner.
  3. Content Migration: Transferred existing content from the WordPress site to the new Webflow platform, ensuring seamless integration and preserving SEO value.
  4. Custom Development: Leveraged Webflow's design and development features to implement custom functionalities tailored to FairwayiQ's specific requirements such as an infinite scrolling carousel for partner logos.
  5. Testing and Optimization: Conducted thorough testing across various devices and browsers to ensure cross-compatibility and optimal performance.
  6. Training and Handover: Provided training sessions to FairwayiQ's team members for proficient management of the Webflow CMS and ongoing website maintenance.
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The transition of the website from WordPress to Webflow empowered FairwayiQ with a streamlined CMS and simplified site maintenance capabilities, ensuring efficient content updates and scalability. The redesigned website also has a modern and intuitive user interface, improving user experience and driving increased engagement. Overall, the website redesign successfully addressed FairwayiQ's objectives, positioning them for continued growth and success in their market.

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